Blog 7

The article “ Rhetorical Numbers“ written by Joanna Wolf, is about how Numbers are integrated in our everyday life and how we understand these numbers. In her opinion we should teach more numbers because she thinks that people often don´t understand what these numbers mean.

I don´t really understand why she has such a bad thinking about the understanding of numbers. Maybe I understood her a bit wrong in that topic, but I see no problem with the understanding with numbers in our society. Of course their a some people that can´t read numbers but when they learn them, I am pretty sure that they will understand them.


Blog 6

Blog 4: Email to best friend( 18 year old)

Topic: Why they should or should not participate in extreme tourism

We want to find sources that support us. We want our froend to know we care and that we´re worried. We also want them to know we´ve done our homework.

When we bring in the research, do we Quote it directly or summarize it?

When we do either one, we have to Name the source and where they´re from: ex: Acc. to Josh Marshall a freshmen in my class at AUM´´´the power outage was the scariest of my life.´´


On the other hand, sources may be used to disagree with us.

,, International Business is being overtaken by the evolution of industries and technology, and critical voices challenge its districtiveness and value.“

I totally disagree with this sentence, because I think that IB is still something that works. In my eyes, the evolution of industries and technology takes place in other areas for example: Online Shopping. in these days, people buy their stuff online and don´t go to their next public store, where they could get exactly the same stuff.

This is dangerous because it creates BINARY THINKING.( we did this things in class to go one side or other, not both)

Examples of how to avoid this: In Josh Marshall´s book Camping Out( short things go in quotes, longer books and things in italics), Marhshall states that people “ who want to avoid camping out are cowardly. It´s not fun to live your life in a hotel.“ While I first found a problem with the word „cowardly“, I understand that Marshall wants to promote a life fully lived, both indoors and out.

Blog 5

Exploration Paper

The last few weeks we talked about very different stuff in our Class. The first day in Class was a little orientation lesson. Because there we talked about where and how we have to set up our own personal Blog that was very helpful, because I really had no Idea how to do that. After that we began to talk about our semester Topic “Apocalypse“ after that, we had to figure out a weapon that we could use at a apocalypse. All groups found some very interesting weapons. Our Homework was it now, to set up a Blog where we had to write about a day at home were we lost electricity or water connection and we should explain how we handled this situation. At the next day in class, we must interview our classmates about their “Disaster“ it was very interesting to hear what kind of problems some people had at home and how they handled this situation. At day three we talked about Fake News and how we can figure out if a website is telling the truth or not, for that we had to look at two different Website and we had the exercise to find out which website is trust full and which not, the result was very surprised for some of us. And the last few days in claas we talked a lot about the Fukushima and Chernobyl Apocalypses that happened years ago. Our Homework was it here, to found some sources that were able to describe what exactly happened at this two towns. The nest day we talked a lot about this in class it was very interesting and we found out, that you can go to theses areas as a tourist and I believe that that could be a great chance to see a real Apocalypse in Real life but they are a bit to far away. For me it was very good to write our online Blogs because by writing I can improve my English writing skills because in my opinion they are not good enough, and the best way to improve them is learning by doing. The topics that we talked about the last couple of weeks were all very interesting, but for me in personal the most interesting topic were the interviews with our classmates, because from the two guys that I talked with, I was able to pick up some good Information’s what I could do, when we would lose the water connection at home, okay it is very unlikely that something like this will happen in Germany, but if yes I know what to do.

What I want invent at a desaster

On top you can see the AUM Library Tower and a water barrel. I want to talk about the scenario“ Zombie Apocalypse“. So why the AUM Library Tower ? First of all I think, that it is a good protection against the zombies because here we can go upstairs and have many different areas where we can live so many people will be safe in the tower and we could build a community where everyone has their own things to do for example : Protect the Library Tower, cooking, or cleaning. Isn´t the Tower an easy target for enemies that need protection and want to survive? Yes, you are right but we are able to go on top of the building and so we have the chance to see enemies earlier and then we can get ready for a fight. And with the time we will build a big wall around the Tower so that we are safe. And why the water barrel ? So with the time the chances to find water around the campus will sink, and here in Montgomery it often begins to rain, so when it starts raining we build up some water barrels and get as much water as possible.


Discussion about resources

For my research I had to take a quick look at Netflix because I am a big TWD Fan. So to support my Idea with the Library tower, I remembered that Rick and his crew found a safe place in Alexandria, but to make this place 100% safe they built a big wall all around the city, they have done this to keep zombies and enemies out. Okay the Library Tower is not as big as the city, but I believe that a wall around this Building would be a good protection. In class we had a talk about zombies and stuff like that, and for me it was very interesting to hear what kind of research my classmates had done. We talked about, how we can find websites that publish serious Information’s and no fake news that was very helpful, because so I was able to make a much better research about the topic “zombie“. But for this disaster above the best research was Netflix, because in my opinion TWD is a very detailed series that helped me the most, when you need some information’s for surviving a zombie apocalypse. So what I wanted to know is, in my Blog I wrote down that I use resources fom public newspapers or TV channels( CNN, The Guardian) because I think they are the most serious source that I can find internet. But is that true or are there sources that are better then the things that I talked above.



In English 1010 I learned to get a much better writer then I was before I came here, because in that Class we had to write weekly discussions and Rough Drafts. That was the best what could happen to me. Another strength is that I got a better reader in English. Before I came here I had problems by spelling words correctly, but in English 1010 we also had to read a lot, every week we had to read something new, because of that I was able to connect my writing with my reading skills. And at last but not least, I can speak much better English then before. In my High school back in Germany we had English but the most time it was just Great Britain English, so it was not very helpful the first few weeks after I came here. Of course I was able to speak okay but I want to have it perfect, because it looks much better on my curriculum vitae when they can see the I am able to speak perfect English. My big weakness that I still have is Grammar. Sometimes I am not able to find the correct words or the correct form of that word and sometimes I have big problems to pronounce me correct. And that are a few examples that I want to change this semester and hopefully over the 4 years. What I want to bring from English 1010 is my engagement by doing all my Blogs and all important papers.


  1. What happened in Class: Thinking about the past few weeks My opinion about the topics in class and Homework
  2. What I want invent to a disaster What kind of disaster I am using Where I would go and what I would do
  3. Discussion about resources Where I got the Idea from the wall from What Kind of resources I was using

Blog 4

Dear Student,

I heard that you want to visit Fukusihma or Chernobyl. That could be very dangerous, but their are some groups which are doing extreme tourism. And below I want to give you some options, where you can go and what are the most interesting places in Fukushima and Chernobyl.


You visit three types areas along with the coast and understand the situation of past, present and future.
• Visiting the area where were attacked by Tsunami. You could understand how people took actions.
• Visiting the area people do not allow to live in because of high radiation dose. You could understand the real situation.
• Visiting the area people try to reconstruct their community. You could feel hope for the future of this area.

I believe that this is a very good offer, because their you can see how hard the earthquake and the tsunami hits Fukushima. And another reason is, that their are people, that now the area and they have so many Informations for you, that could be very interesting.


a field camp of the 25th brigade of the radiation chemical and bacteriological protection;
– Dytyatky checkpoint, an official entrance to the Exclusion zone;
– the village of Zalissya with abandoned houses and barns, a shop and the house of the only self-settler Rozaliya Ivanivna;
– a bypass road to the NPP around the town of Chernobyl, built a month after the accident to facilitate the traffic of military vehicles;
– an almost fully buried village of Kopachi with a remaining kindergarten;
– a concrete-reloading unit, essential for the Sarcophagus erection in 1986;
– a decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out;
– the town of Pripyat populated by 50 thousand people before the evacuation (without entering buildings inside)
the hospital receiving the firefighters and NPP workers, badly affected by the accident; 
a river port and the most prestigious Pripyat café at the embankment; 
a town hall – the first headquarters for mitigation of the accident consequences;
Polissya hotel, a correction point for helicopters dropping lead bags over the 4th reactor ruins;
Energetic Palace of culture, the main recreational site for the Prypyat youth;
Ferris wheel in the amusement park which was never open;
Prypyat stadium;
Swimming pool „Azure“, which was still in operation after the accident;
a fire station, the crew were the second to extinguish fire at the NPP at night of the disaster on April 26, 1986;

and there are much more things that you can explore in Chernobyl.

I hope that you have enough informations now. Let me know where you went and why.

Kind Regards

Alexander Kraus

Blog 3.5

Class notes

Regular Google searches = millions of sources

How do we narrow that ?

Using quotations

Using Google Scholar AND quotations

Google Scholar sources haven been through peer review ( blind, based on 2 people)

Always run things through the CRAAP test. ( currency, relevance, author, accuracy, and purpose)


Once you find a source, what do you do with it?

Alexander Kraus Blog 3

Today I want to show you three sources that I found about the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan 2011.

And here I want to show you, three resources that I found about the
Chernobyl desaster which happend on April 26 1986 in
‎Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union.

Now I want to explain you how I used the ´´iceberg´´ technique. So every time when I am looking for serious news I try to figure out, which News are serious I look if they are from a big news agency, because I think that those news are the most serious news that I can find in the Internet. So everytime I scroll down to see if a big agency uploaded something about this topic.

Alexander Kraus Blog 2.5

Past two Weeks:

  1. Day One – Orientation A. Descripition of project: Bottom of Page 2 on syllabus B. Project structure: Page 3 of syllabus C. Weapons activity- chose a weapon for disaster or apocalyptic scenario(too narrow in scope) D. Short assignments- breaking things down into chunks, making a blog, Anne Lamott´s ´´Short Assignments„- one paragraph a day
  2. Day Two – Practice A. Write about a time when you lost power or other utilities. B. Conduct primary research. Gather data from your classmates. Interviews count! Make nametags to label your sources when you quote them. According to Josh Marshall,´´….´´
  3. Day Three – Evaluating Info A. Handout on Sources ( see the website) B. 4 Sources – a. Where Does our water come from b. Healthday and drugs c. NPR and ´´Fake News´´ d. Accuracy e. Purpose Image searches on Google to verify the truth.